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Does the Protectu service operate at our place, too?

The Protectu service works everywhere where there is a mobile operator signal available. If you live in a town or a village, the service will definitely work there. If you know that the signal of a mobile operator is weaker at your place, please, let us know in your order which operator provides you with the best signal in your home. We insert the appropriate SIM card into your device.

How much does the service cost?

When acquiring the service you purchase a smart device for CZK 2450, incl. VAT. A monthly fee for the service is from CZK 350. For complete pricing information see section on prices.

Is it possible to rent the smart device?

At present the option to rent the smart device is not available. Once you purchase the device, it goes into your possession.

How can the service be acquired?

The fastest way leading to our service is using our website and the section named orders.
Fill in the order form here. In order to complete the order, conclude the contract, provide you with payment instructions and fill in the user profile, we will contact you at the given telephone number or e-mail.

How long does it take to activate the service since the order?

You usually receive the preset smart device within 2-4 working days after completing your order.

Until when shall the monthly fee for the service be paid?

We charge for the service in arrears and the fee for the previous month must be paid until no later than 15th of the following month. For example, fee for March must be paid until 15 April.

Do you provide the paramedics service?

We do not provide the paramedics service for cases of unavailability of contact persons. We have still been working on the offer of paramedics. In case of interest inquire about the expected availability of the paramedics service at the assistance service user's domicile at the customer helpline +420 774 403 248.

Is it possible to deposit the keys of the user's flat at your place, for example in case that there are no contact persons?

Service of depositing the keys is currently not available. As an appropriate alternative we recommend purchase of a safety keybox which can be installed in front of the user's door. The code for the box can be stored in our system and the operator will communicate the keybox code only to integrated rescue system units if needed. Once the code is used, you change the code and communicate it to us so that the new code is registered into our assistance system. Safety keyboxes are produced by a couple of companies and costs start at CZK 1000.

Is it possible to find a user on the basis of the smart device signal?

This device is equipped with GSM localization system which has technological limitations concerning searching for people. The accuracy of search is in hundreds of meters and depends on the density of base stations for mobile operators in the country. Device is not equipped with a GPS module.

Is the service able to recognize a fall?

Protectu service recognizes a fall on the basis of immobility. We consider this method more appropriate and reliable for the use at home than detecting the fall itself because falling down can have a number of forms. It can often be slow slipping onto the ground after which the user is unable to lift himself/herself..
The immobility period, after which the system will alert of a potentially hazardous situation (e.g. a fall), can be chosen according to your wishes and user's lifestyle.

How to change data in the user's profile in the course of the service?

Please, contact us at the customer service or email. We will generate a new link for user's profile website form in order to change data. In the user's profile you will be able to see everything that is filled in the system. After making changes it will be necessary to print the user's profile again and send it back signed to our place.

What should I do if my mother goes to the hospital for a few days?

If you plan not to use the assistance service for a few days, contact our customer helpline and let us know since when you plan not to temporarily use the service. We will reset the service so that the system will show only alarms upon pushing the red button. During the hospital stay you can leave the device connected to the charger or leave it discharge. After returning from the hospital charge the device, push the red button and the operator will activate all alarms again.
If you plan not to use the service for more than a month, contact us again at our customer helpline. We will send you a Request for Interrupting the Service by email and we will deactivate the service after receiving your signed document with the requested date for interrupting the service. Service can be interrupted for up to 6 months. Service interruption and reactivation are free. Service is not charged during its interruption.

What if a contact person goes on vacation?

As we currently do not provide service of paramedics, who would visit and help the user in case of emergency, it is necessary to ensure assistance for the user even in the situation when contact persons (often family members) leave for vacation. You can temporarily change the contact persons (e.g. to provide contact for a neighbor who will have the keys during the vacation) or you can install a safety keybox in front of the user's flat.
For any changes in the user's profile or instructions for user's assistance, please, contact the helpline or write us to the following email: info@protectu.cz

What happens if the user pushes the button several times; is that charged? What about false alarms?

Monthly fee is the final amount for using the service. There are no other charges. False alarms are not charged.

How can I wear the smart device?

The package contains device and accompanying lanyards. We recommend to wear the device around your neck (for example under your shirt) or in a pocket. Each of our users has found his/her best way to wear the device.

How long does the smart device need to be charged?

2 - 4 hours (depending on the degree of discharge) are sufficient for a full charge. Device is not affected by longer charging. The charging process is controlled by a special circuit directly in the device. For proper functionality of all automatic alarms we recommend to charge the device while sleeping.

Is the smart device sound loud enough?

Yes, it is. The smart device is preset from the production for a maximum volume. Nevertheless, if the user still cannot hear the operator properly, he/she can put the phone directly to his/her ear.

Is it possible to make a call to this smart device?

Yes, it is. You can enter 2 phone numbers in the user's profile; subsequently we authorize these numbers and send you the phone number of the device to your contact email. If you make a call to the smart device from the authorized phone number, the device will ring 3x and then your call is automatically answered. When receiving a call from an unauthorized number or hidden number, the device will not ring and such call will not be answered at all.

What is the device reliability like? How do you handle complaints?

As for its construction, the device is not complicated and important parts of the device are well-protected thanks to its firm, plastic cover. The smart device reliability is therefore above the standard. The device is manufactured in the Czech Republic and its production pays attention to faultless processing. Device functionality is tested in detail before being sent to its user. Current generation of this smart device is not waterproof.

What is the battery life like?

The installed battery is not user replaceable; we provide its replacement for you if needed in our after-sales service. Based on our experience we know that the battery in our device lasts for at least 2 years. If the device lasts in operation less than one day, please, contact us at our customer helpline. We can check the battery life together.


the 24-hour remote assistance service Protectu can be ordered here on our website using an email or phone number. You can even come and see us in person at our
contact point in Prague.

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